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On or about 6/6/2017, I contacted "Mercury Insurance's Emergency Tow," for a towing. I had to contact them approximately 6-7 times to send me a Tow Company whom was at a bare minimum, "Professional." They did not.

Nonetheless, they sent me "A-Action Towing, located in San Bernardino." The driver was a male, African American, approximately 30-35 years old, appxly 6' tall, and 280 pds, while I am an, Elder woman very small in stature. The driver displayed very "Rude and Discourteous Behavior." He further made it known to me that he resided in the City of Victorville. A very undesirable community and high on crime, drugs and shootings. While there was a need to tow my vehicle appxly 75 miles from my rural location, the driver of "A-Action Towing," not only continued to "Text While Driving," but almost "Rear-Ended" a vehicle in front of us with very small children, as a result.

While the driver was clearly "At Fault & in Violation of Traffic Laws." He went on to boisterously "Honk at the Driver" keeping his hand on the horn for a very long time, Frightening the Small Children Seated Inside of the Vehicle. I asked him to stop and he became very, Angry, for intervening. The driver went onto "Delay" my time to the destination while he continued to "Text and Place My Life and Other Drivers in Jeopardy While on the Freeway." The driver then took a "Detour" to pick up another vehicle and hook it up behind mine which was located on the "Flatbed." The driver continued to display his behavior with violence, vulgarity and high agitation while again continuously "Texting While Driving and Placing My Life and Other Drivers in Jeopardy." He went on to continuously hit his steering wheel and was a very "Hard Hit Driver." While, he now delayed my time by approximately 2-3 hours and while he again throughout the entire time was "Driving While Texting," not only "Did he place my life in danger while doing so, but pulled onto the side of the freeway during MOVING TRAFFIC and Left Me and My Car There!" Being "Fearful of my Life and Safety," I immediately contacted 911 CHP for assistance, and Ran Out of the Tow Truck for SAFETY! While I was waiting for CHP to arrive, I went on to contact "Mercury's Emergency Tow," to request for "Another Tow Truck Driver!" I informed them that I was "Fearful of My Life and Safety of the A-1 Tow Trucks Driver," and the violent behavior that he displayed.

While, the CHP Responding Officer and I spoke to "Mercury's Emergency Tow Ageros Company," TWICE, they later showed, "No Record That the CHP Officer and I Called!" Obviously, this was made to cover up liability imposed to them by the "A-1 Tow Company's Driver." It is All on Record! Within, a few minutes, (3) Units responded, while I was still alongside of Moving Traffic and on the Freeway, where the"A-1 Tow Trucks Driver," had left me. One CHP Officer went on to speak to the driver and requested that, He Calm Down and Lower His Voice, while he was , Shouting Out Loud, in a very Boisterous, fashion. I was calm and thankful for the immediate response of the Officer's.

The CHP Officers remained with me at all times to ensure my "Safety," from the driver and requested that the driver tow my car to a local station and "Off of Moving Traffic on the Freeway!" At this time, the driver had the audacity to request that, "I Get Back in the Tow Truck With Him," so that he may "Complete His Tow." Here, it is clearly evident that the driver was clearly "Out of His Mind!!!!" I of course, "Refused." The driver proceeded to tow my vehicle to the nearest gas station. The Officers remained with me to ensure my "Safety." As he was "Unloading" my vehicle, I saw the driver get into the "Driver's Side and Lean Over to My Glove Compartment Area," for an "Unknown Reason." He then walked over to the "Passenger Side, Opened and Closed the Door Extreme Force, Causing the Window Motor Regulator," to damage and fall off of its place. It was also discovered that the driver had Leaned Over Reaching for the Drivers Side Compartment, to BURN the bottom of the glove compartment with what appeared to be by a possible Lighter. He opened and closed the rest of the doors very, "Slightly," as he now saw that I was watching him.

I then allowed the CHP Officers to move forward with responding to their radio calls and told them that the driver would be "Out of His Mind to Harm Me," in the presence of witnesses. The Officers left and the driver continuously walked passed me while inside of the gas station store, then left. While, awaiting at the gas station for the "New Tow Service by Mercury's - Agero Tow Service," It was evident that "No One Was Going to Arrive." I then contacted "Mercury's Tow - Agero Tow Service," to determine my status and they replied that they "Did Not Show Any Record That I called from the Freeway," ever. This was just beyond imagination.

Mercury Companys Emergency Tow Service - Agero's Tow Company FINALLY sent a professional tow company, but hesitated to do so as they would have to pay a "Higher Rate!" While, I constantly contacted Ageros Tow Service to file a complaint and investigation of the damages caused by "A-Action Towing Companys driver and for placing my "Life in Peril." Aagain, "Agero Showed No Record!" This is NOT the first time that the tow truck companys by Mercury Insurance - Agero Tow Company's drivers have caused damage to my vehicle. They have "Covered and Concealed Evidence," before and indicated that they showed, "No Record," of "Any Tow Service," whatsoever while I have Photo Evidence! While the reviews of Mercury Insurance and Agero's Tow Company not only reveal a "One Star Rating," but many have also "Warned," that "They Have Been Fraudulent and Refuse to Pay for Damages." See Evidence Below. Please also Scroll Down on the Yelps Reviews.

More, important, while "Our Lives are Also Placed in Danger by the Low Paid Tow Companies That they Have Hired," Mercury Insurance and Agero clearly and "Intentionally Turn a Blind Eye," to the complaints. Should anyone with the same/or similar facts desire to going onto the media on these companies to protect, "Life & Property," please respond asap! Resolution: Full and complete investigation along with compensation for the amount of $2300.00.

A copy of the estimate and photo of damages may be submitted upon request, while this site does not allow to upload. I am Ready, Willing and Able, to proceed and report facts to the media to Protect the Life and Safety of Others.

Product or Service Mentioned: Agero Car Towing.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $2400.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Agero Pros: To see consumers file a class action lawsuit against them.

Agero Cons: Fraudulent acts against consumers, Failure to protect the life and safety of consumers, Covering and concealing evidence, Failure to pay for damages.

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